What keeps people well? I know we go to physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers when we are sick, but is this all there is? Certainly a walk through the supermarket checkout line mixed in with all the celebrity news magazines are articles on how to be healthier and the rest, yet as a country, we seem to be going the other way.

It seems to me that we often attempt to figure all of this out by ourselves and sometimes what we need to see is (1) others around us have the same problems and questions and (2) that there are reasonable solutions to many of our problems.

Of course my primary area of expertise is in dentistry so I am a pretty good resource to questions in this area, but all of us are in need, not only of good information, but encouragement to do what we can to live with as much health as we can possibly have.

Which brings me to another observation. Sometimes I become too focused on myself and my health when there is something even better for me than this. We can’t always be in tip top health, but we can be in community with others in a way that is encouraging to all.

This is why I have decided to dedicate this, until now, dormant FaceBook Page to topics on wellness and health. This, in fact, is consistent with my instructions to patients on their roles and responsibilities in achieving a better level of health when they have, or have had, periodontal disease. And by activation, I mean to consistently post new and hopefully interesting information for your reading pleasure. I look forward to your comments. So let me get started with a question:

What health topics would you find most helpful to learn more about?

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  1. Dental health is one of those things- people hate dealing with it so much that they don’t seem to want to stay so active as on a facebook wall or any degree of social networking. When dealing with social networks you do it for other social networks- that way you both promote each others businesses and raise validity and author ranks.

    It seems impossible to get facebook interactions besides “You guys are great!” from actual costumers. Likes is easy, conversations are hard. Especially with reddit around.

    1. I agree with your assessment, Jesse. My objective, however, is not necessarily to get responses but to get readers. If I can continually stay in front of my patient’s minds with useful information, then I believe they will do better as patients. Let me give you an example of something I discovered a while back. It used to frustrate me that people would not floss their teeth. When I simply told them they should do it, they never came back with “I don’t know how.” They would either have felt stupid saying this because doesn’t everybody know how to floss their teeth? Or they would have thought they knew how to do it and yet were doing it completely wrong. Then I asked people to show me how they floss their teeth. This is when I began to see that the problem was primarily caused by them wrapping the floss around the wrong fingers. Once this was solved the use of floss improved. Did it turn everything around? No, but now it is a matter of gentle reminders and strategies in order to create a habit where one did not exist before. In fact, because your comment was interesting to me and has applications for how people use Facebook, I think I will post both of our comments there. And I will ask if anyone else would like to comment.

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