Twitter For Dentists

I’m in the vast minority of dentists when it comes to Twitter. Most of my colleagues (and for quite a long time I agreed with them) consider Twitter nonsensical. Awhile back I was speaking in front of an audience of dentists and asked for a raise of hands. How many of you are on Facebook? […]

Reading Out Loud to Your Children

My career is built around reading mostly scientific material. And I have a list of journals and other books that are important to me in that part of my life. Also, I read a lot of history, philosophy, and theology as well as popular topics to include an occasional novel. But as a parent, let […]

The Secret to a Great Education

We get a lot in the press about education. It’s a political buzz word because it is the passion of every parent. We all want our children to get a good education. As I look back on my experience in and around classrooms, both as a student as well as a teacher, I know exactly […]