How to Succeed in Periodontal Therapy Part 3

The Power of Story There are successful dental practices alongside unsuccessful dental practices. Each one of them provides similar services and has similar patients, yet some succeed and others do not. So what’s the difference? It’s really very simple. It’s explained in a story. Would you like to hear it? It’s every dentist’s story and […]

One Stop Dental Implants

“I don’t understand why some places claim they can do all the work in one visit, Dr. Young says I have to wait to heal after that 1st step [the day the implant is placed].”

Placing Dental Implants is Easy Until it Isn’t

I read recently an interview with a well known dentist about dental implants. His contention was that the surgical elements are easy compared with the restorative elements. Reading further in the article he admits to offering weekend training courses on how to place dental implants. I agree with this gentleman that placing dental implants is […]

Dental Implants or Fixed Bridge?

Which is the better way to replace a missing tooth, dental implant or fixed bridge? The Fixed Bridge Fixed bridges (also called Fixed Partial Dentures) have been around for decades. They involve the removal of enamel along with an outer layer of dentin from the teeth on either side of the missing tooth. Crowns are […]

How is a Dental Implant a Wise Economic Decision?

I made the statement in an earlier post that a dental implant can be a smart choice even financially. My assumption, if you are reading this, is you are looking at different treatment options and the dental implant certainly isn’t on the cheap side. So allow me to show you how a dental implant can […]

Dental Implants and Toothaches – How do they Compare?

As most everyone knows, a toothache can be excruciating. The classic throbbing pain comes from the nerves within the tooth. Dental implants don’t have nerves within them, yet one of the most common fears people have is that implants can cause severe pain. Certainly nerves around a dental implant can be stimulated if there is […]

What if We Can’t Keep Teeth the Rest of Our Lives?

Dentistry for the past 50 years has successfully made a strong case for importance of keeping our teeth and certainly good healthy teeth lasting a lifetime is a worthy goal. But what happens when for any of a number of reasons a tooth or teeth begin failing? There comes a point in time, well before […]

How Best to Compare Teeth & Dental Implants

If I were to put a dental implant and a tooth in the palm of your hand they would obviously look very different from one another. Most dental implants are made of the metal titanium. Teeth are formed by living cells, some of which reside in the center of the tooth. For the most part […]