Periodically I try to get away from topics about teeth, periodontal disease, dental implants and instead just look into the news and see what’s happening in the world of dentistry. Scrolling down Google News past the indictments of dentists and the tragic stories of dentists involved in fatal traffic accidents, I ran across this one.

It’s about a dentist who celebrates with octogenarians who have twenty or more of their natural teeth by putting on a banquet for them at his local country club. May his tribe increase!

People who retain strong teeth into their 80’s and beyond have a much better chance at a longer and healthier life simply because they are able to eat better than those who use dentures. The chewing effectiveness of dentures has been measured to be between 10 to 15% that of natural teeth. Dental implants are a way of helping people move into stronger teeth. Well, look at this, I thought I wasn’t going to talk about teeth and dental implants. Sorry about that. It just happens naturally.