Most patients with dental implants will tell you that there was less post surgical discomfort having an implant placed than there was having a tooth extracted. In fact, the sign of any discomfort with a dental implant after five days is unusual and may indicate a problem.

The success rate of dental implants is above 95% and they follow a very predictable course. The body does not respond to the presence of the implant, therefore there should be no pain beyond the initial soreness from the gum incision. If your implant hurts after five days, don’t tough it out. Go see your dentist. The implant may have been microscopically dislodged from its intimate contact to bone cells. When this happens soft tissue instead of bone may surround the implant which will cause the implant to move when force is applied. This does not get better with time.

The best next step is to quickly remove and replace the implant while at the same time addressing whatever may have caused the disruption of the first implant. As far as we know, the success rate is same for the second implant as the first, above 95%.