I just got finished reading someone else’s bio on their website. He sounds important but I’m not warmed for some reason…

Marketing is a tricky business and sometimes things are not received as intended.

We want people to feel comfortable and safe when coming to see us, so we tell them that we are well trained and are up on the latest technologies.

The problem is that our competency, as dentists, is actually assumed.

In other words, if we have to tell people we are talented and highly competent, it brings into question our competency.

They wonder why we have to mention it. Is there a problem?

On the other hand, every message constructed to help people navigate in the complex world of dentistry – without self-promotion – is usually appreciated.

Which brings me to this observation. We all are by nature and past experiences generally suspicious that we are being marketed to, even when the information is free of self-promotion. I am constantly looking for hooks myself. We also, by nature, need and enjoy connecting with others. It is a healthy thing to do.

Conclusion. Go slowly. It’s messy. People will misunderstand. Keep working on relationships. It’s important and also one of the hardest things to do well.