When it comes to oral health we, as patients, have two jobs.

The first job is effective plaque control on a daily basis.

Note: I also lump in everything else we do that keeps our mouths and bodies healthy into this. So why don’t I call it something like, “Daily health measures?” Because I don’t want anyone missing the need for effective plaque control! My point is we can’t substitute flossing by taking supplemental vitamins, for example, and still expect good results when it comes to controlling for tooth decay and periodontal disease.

The second job is effective appointment management.

We have to know when and where to take our teeth and gums, and then follow through in a timely manner.

And as a periodontist, what are my two jobs on behalf of patients?

My first job is to check plaque control.

That is, I have to make sure that your systems are working adequately enough so that my care will make a difference. And as part of this responsibility, I’m trying this little experiment of daily messages with the hope they are encouraging gentle reminders to hang in there and do the little things which are so important for each of us in the long run.

And my second job is to do all the things I was trained for years to do to help you. We can talk more about this down the road.

Have a great day!