How to Refer

Thank you for considering using me as a referral source for periodontics and surgical placement of dental implants.

Fill out the referral form by clicking the button below. Once completed, we will contact the patient and set up an appointment with me. The form is fully secure and easy.


My Approach to Periodontic Support for Your Practice

I am happy to do the single crown-lengthening procedure, mucogingival surgery as well as the more complicated cases as explained elsewhere.

Please know that my objective is to make this process easy for both you and your patients.

Never hesitate to call or email me about any concerns you may have.

My objective is really very simple: Solve your patients’ problems as quickly and cost-effectively as possible and get them back to your office. As much as possible I would like patients to stay in your office exclusively for supportive periodontal care with me on call as you need me.

I am happy to come to your office to consult with you and your patient. Obviously we will need to pre-plan this event, but it is a very good way for us to discuss treatment options for those patients who hesitate leaving your office to see a stranger. It helps many patients gain the understanding that you are directly involved in overseeing the treatment I provide which then can help reinforce their trust for you as their primary dentist.