Good science is hard to do. When done well society trusts and uses it for the good of many.

Then others come along and misuse science and the credibility it has earned in order to trick people into buying things.

This is more than annoying because sometimes it results in people trusting their very lives to flawed drugs and procedures.

This video is excellent in explaining the problem. Note that the first way people trick others in science is by the use of credentials. Remember, it doesn’t matter how many letters behind anyone’s name, science stands or falls on experimental results.

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  1. Thanks for this. Ben Goldacre writes a column in the Saturday Guardian (, here in the UK. It’s the first thing I read (after the Rugby pages, of course!). He’s a clear thinker and not afraid to put a pin in some Big Egos/Corporations/Politicians. He deserves to be listened to. Best wishes, Andy.

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