smoking dentists advising no smokingAt a hospital based dental school in Japan almost 1 dental instructor in 5 currently smokes. 15% are former smokers. A questionnaire was given out to 92 professionals (dentists, physicians, hygienists and nurses) asking about how they intervene with patients who smoke. The study found that only 25% of the current smoking patients were given advice or support on how to stop smoking.

I maintain that people stop smoking when they choose to do so. They usually don’t choose to do so when the focus is on their personal happiness or because authority figures (especially smoking authority figures) tell them to stop. But when the focus shifts to stopping for a strong enough reason outside the themselves, then internal resolve is strengthened. Choosing to love another is the strongest motivator I can think of. Being nagged or shamed doesn’t work. Here is my advice to smokers.

And here is the link to a summary of the article.