Which came first, tooth loss or dementia?

If you aren’t brushing and flossing regularly, is it a memory thing? Or could it be that dental infections are affecting your memory? There is a new study out attempting to determine if a correlation exists between early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and tooth loss. The thinking is that inflammation originating in the mouth might be affecting […]

Dentist smokers advising smoking patients

At a hospital based dental school in Japan almost 1 dental instructor in 5 currently smokes. 15% are former smokers. A questionnaire was given out to 92 professionals (dentists, physicians, hygienists and nurses) asking about how they intervene with patients who smoke. The study found that only 25% of the current smoking patients were given […]

A Radically Different Way to Stop Smoking

I spoke about the reason I never became a smoker, and I owe it to my grandfather. Society attempts to modify behavior by passing laws. I have found that this does not reach the heart of the addiction. So watch this and tell me what you think.