Well the time is finally here… I have a new website!  If you think I put this together myself, we need a serious talk about what you might be smoking. Big thanks to Web Guru Dan. If there are any glitches here, it’s his fault (not really, I probably made him do it — we’ll sort it out later).
Dan and I hope this site will be the springboard for me to better communicate with you — whoever you are.  Lots of changes and options have been added.  Some of these include a patient’s section where you can download the forms and fill them out before our first meeting.  For the doctors, near and far, I hope to provide information and services that will help you take care of your patients. Finally, for dental students, dental educators and those in charge of dental meetings, big and small, I have a story to tell you — and it’s about 21st century dentistry. We are heading into the digital age like a freight train building up steam. Hold on to your hats, the future of dentistry is going to be more exciting than you may have ever imagined!

Let us know what you think!  We would love to get feedback.

3 Responses

  1. when i came here i assumed it was going to be filled with useless information, but really it turned out to be quite useful. bravo!