“Ben has helped our most difficult dental patient achieve optimum prosthetic results using current or “state of the art” technology. Every patient that has received care have been greatly surprised and appreciative of Ben and his company Voxelogix Corp.”

Don Davis, DDS – Austin, TX

“Ben Young is one of the most inspiring dentists I have been privileged to know. He is highly skilled as a periodontal and implant surgeon, kind and compassionate, generous and a man of moral integrity. I admire the way he thinks “out side the box” in finding solutions for patient’s needs all the while keeping their best interest in mind. He has been gracious to work with me in providing NeXsmile teeth for a number of my patients. NeXsmile gives my patients new hope when their natural dentition failed, allowing them to feel confident, look great and chew with enjoyment. I am very grateful for Ben’s willingness to teach me the necessary skills.” March 19, 2011

Sandra Slater Owner, Sandra E Slater DDS

“I had the privilege of working with Ben to write the business plan for Voxelogix Corporation, of which he is Co-Founder and CEO as well as a Board-certified practicing periodontist, so I saw many examples showing how Voxelogix’s NeXsmile product can change a patient’s life virtually in a day. I know by listening to Ben how important that potential is to him. I was also very impressed by how well he knows not just the clinical side of his profession, but the practical side as well. Dentists are dedicated health-care professionals first and foremost, of course, but to be truly successful they must also be skilled businessowners. I came away from my work with Ben feeling very confident that his and his colleagues’ patients will greatly benefit from his acumen in both spheres, and that he has the skillset to build Voxelogix into a thriving company that will have a real impact on dental health.” March 4, 2011

John Reilly Managing Director, Capital InterNational Advisors Ltd., LLC

“Dr. Young is a man that I have very high regard for. He is ethical, trustworthy, fair and a man of integrity. He is a highly skilled and talented dentist. Dr. Young is the President and CEO of Voxelogix Corporation. The Company’s technology addresses treatment of complicated, full-mouth dental problems. I think their technology is the best in the industry and hopefully one day, it will become the standard of care. I highly recommend Dr. Young not only as an excellent dentist but encourage anyone needing partial or full teeth replacement to consider Voxelogix. I have seen first hand the results and met numerous people that used Dr. young’s services and everyone was more than pleased, in fact they were ecstatic !”

Eric Eisbrenner President, Tri-Surgical Sales LLC

“Ben has the unique ability to clearly communicate very difficult procedure techniques in a very patient manner.  His expertise and knowledge through personal experience, in the field of implantology, make him a pleasure to work with.  He is compassionate, honest and uncompromising in the quality of care delivered to patients.  It is an honor to be his friend and colegue.  I look forward to working with him again.”

Steve Mine, DDS – D’Iberville, MS

“A forward thinking genius.”

Peggy Griffith District Sales Manager, Neoss

“Ben has been a regular contributor to the Dentist Network group. I have talked at length with him on the phone, and I can tell you that Ben is the real thing. He cares about others. He is open and easy to talk to. He has been a great contributor to the discussions on LinkedIn.
As a dentist, he really seems to know his stuff, though this is coming from a non-dentist. Based on my relationship with him, he seems well respected among his peers. He is the kind of guy I would be interested in doing business with.”

Joe Spencer Manager of the Dentist Network Group

“Ben and everyone at Nexsmile have always provided me with all the support, advice, and answers to deliver this amazing treatment to patients. The results have been life-changing for the patients!”

Ed Wuensch, DDS – New Braunfels, TX

“Congratulations to Ben Young and co-founder Stephen Schmitt on the innovative, award-winning solutions Voxelogix has developed to help people with no teeth (or failing teeth) to smile again.”

Ann Stevens President, BioMed SA

“Ben and his colleagues have created an innovative and cutting-edge blend of dental, computerized numeric controlled manufacturing, and internet information technologies to revolutionize dental implant delivery and make it affordable for many more people than heretofore.

Ben has created and delivered compelling presentations of the business idea, and is a skilled and articulate advocate for his company’s business proposition.”

J. Bruce Hughes Project Manager, University of Texas at San Antonio

“As director of the AEGD program at the University of Oklahoma, we are always looking for exposure to cutting edge and innovative techniques for our residents. Ben Young’s message both. Dr. Young is a very enthusiastic teacher of the Nexsmile technique. He has a true concern for the education of residents and emparting his expertise to them. If you ever get a chance to hear Dr. Young explain the Nexsmile technique, it will give another great option when confronted with a failing dentition.”

David Buxton, DDS Asst. Prof, Oklahoma University College of Dentistry

“As one Periodontist to another Periodontist, Ben Young “not only sees the larger picture”….He sees “beyond it”.
There is a smaller percentage of unfortunate dental patients to whom conventional dentistry often fails to reach (or finds it immensely difficult to help profoundly, definitively and/or inexpensively).
Ben has been insightful enough to recognize this lapse, and went back looking for them. No one ever wishes to be “lost”….But, Ohhh what a “beautiful smile” erupts when a misplaced person has been recognized.”

Anthony Chin, DDS – Warren, NJ

“Ben is a very driven and humble person. It was my privilege to meet Ben when he was beginning Voxelogix. He was clearly set on developing a product that would significantly change a person’s life. It has been enjoyable to watch Ben as he has developed the company from a very early concept into now a rapidly growing company providing life changing solutions. Ben is able to see problems from multiple angles and has done a very nice job in addressing both the patient’s needs, but also understanding how to develop a sales channel strategy that will benefit both general dentists as as well as specialists like periodontists. Navigating the pitfalls that come along with starting a company from scratch is quite challenging and requires a special person and skillset. Ben and his partners have remained focused and appear to be moving in the right direction.”

Matt Harrison Director, InCube Ventures/InCube Labs

“I’ve known Dr. Young as a client and as a friend. I’ve also had the opportunity to watch the evolution of Voxelogix from it’s inception. Dr. Young is a man of high integrity and dedication to his work. He is creatifve and tireless in his efforts to bring a better product to market to serve his dental patients. I highly recommend him, his work and his company.”

Roy Richard Owner, River Mortgage

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