Note to Self

I just got finished reading someone else’s bio on their website. He sounds important but I’m not warmed for some reason… Marketing is a tricky business and sometimes things are not received as intended. We want people to feel comfortable and safe when coming to see us, so we tell them that we are well […]

How To Get Straight A’s in College

This isn’t a joke and I can help if you seriously want to get straight A’s. But here’s the deal. If you decide not to follow my advice, and you don’t get straight A’s you will not whine or complain. You will admit to yourself and others that you chose the grades you got. Deal? […]

So What’s the Big Idea?

I discovered the memo function on my iPhone and so recorded this on my drive into work this morning. I know it’s a little slow in pace but I was thinking it up as I went along. Sometimes we get so stuck in routine we stop thinking bigger thoughts. Here’s a brief reflection on that […]

The Power of Core Beliefs

I believe God created each one of us for good reasons. Those reasons may not be apparent, but none the less, they are good.

How Can Patients Promote Dental Health?

In this age of social media, people have the opportunity of helping others live better lives. On the other hand, much “promotion” is simply a form of nagging. How can we encourage our families and friends in ways that are most effective? What You Might Do 1. Lead by example. Tell your friends when you […]

Dentist Celebrates Octogenarians with 20 or more Teeth

Periodically I try to get away from topics about teeth, periodontal disease, dental implants and instead just look into the news and see what’s happening in the world of dentistry. Scrolling down Google News past the indictments of dentists and the tragic stories of dentists involved in fatal traffic accidents, I ran across this one. It’s […]

I hope your day is going better than mine…

I hope your day is going better than mine. Perhaps it began with the thought in bed that I could sleep in a little. After all it’s Friday and this is a day set aside, usually, to catch up on work and be a little creative. As is often the case, a little deviation from […]

Great Literature and Twitter Part 1

Twitter holds the opportunity of sharing great ideas, assuming of course that great ideas actually exist. Sadly in a culture that has as its principle value to not discriminate between ideas, the studies of virtue or great art become silly notions. Whatever anyone thinks is certainly as good as what anyone else thinks; and of […]