On Marketing Dentistry and Running the Business

You see, I don’t think the question is, “How do we enhance our message in order to attract patients?” The real question in my mind we should be asking is, “How do we return to the compelling message of dental health?”

Orthodontics and Periodontal Disease

Does having periodontal disease mean I can’t or shouldn’t have braces to straighten my teeth? Periodontal disease, when active, results in bone loss around teeth. Orthodontics involves moving teeth through bone to relocate them in better places for both appearance and function. The process of moving teeth activates bone cells to remove bone in front […]

How to Succeed in Periodontal Therapy Part 5

Frankly, I have no illusion that I can single handedly change the quality and nature of periodontal therapy in every dental office in the world – at least not over night. There will come a day when dentists and dental hygienists train patients in ways very similar to how they perform clinical procedures today, because […]

How to Succeed in Periodontal Therapy Part 4

Where Are We? It should be obvious by now that this presentation is not a “best practices” consensus on the subject of periodontal therapy. Rather it is my personal, but experienced advice on what I consider the best way for dentists to treat and manage chronic periodontitis. I also believe that reading and implementing some […]

How to Succeed in Periodontal Therapy Part 3

The Power of Story There are successful dental practices alongside unsuccessful dental practices. Each one of them provides similar services and has similar patients, yet some succeed and others do not. So what’s the difference? It’s really very simple. It’s explained in a story. Would you like to hear it? It’s every dentist’s story and […]

Rest Versus Laziness

What’s the difference between rest and laziness? And what does this have to do with my teeth and gums? Let me answer the last question first. There is an indirect association between laziness and flossing. It doesn’t take a lot of work to perform daily but the time just seems to slip away and we forget. To […]

Our Two Jobs in Oral Health

When it comes to oral health we, as patients, have two jobs. The first job is effective plaque control on a daily basis. Note: I also lump in everything else we do that keeps our mouths and bodies healthy into this. So why don’t I call it something like, “Daily health measures?” Because I don’t want anyone […]

Activating Facebook to Talk with Patients and Friends

What keeps people well? I know we go to physicians, dentists and other healthcare providers when we are sick, but is this all there is? Certainly a walk through the supermarket checkout line mixed in with all the celebrity news magazines are articles on how to be healthier and the rest, yet as a country, […]